All of the stalls are designed with the average boater in mind, as each stall is at least 11.5 ft wide. Some some are almost 14′! There is plenty of backing room, and the drives are even wider in the areas with longer stalls. The Kings, too, are active boaters and have made it easy even for the first time boat owner to navigate backwards with plenty of room. There are even some drive thru stalls available.

There are stalls with gravel floors and also with concrete floors. All of the stalls have automatic rolling doors with power in each and every one.

Stall Sizes Available:

New! 12′ X 32′
11.5′ X 22′
11.5′ X 25′
11.5′ X 27′
12.5′ X 27′
11.5′ X 30′
11.5′ X 57′

13.5′ X 57′
13.5′ X 35′    
13.5′ X 40′


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